Top Secret Super Tips for Getting More Viewers

Getting the maximum amount of viewers is the question on every models mind. Though there’s no one fail safe secret (or secrets), if you simply follow the advice listed here, you’ll have new people coming to check out your shows regularly.

It’s important to remember that viewers go up and down, day to day. It’s also important to remember that no matter how many viewers you have in your room, you should perform the same for ten viewers as you do for 1,000.

Here are some tips that are all but foolproof.

1. Use Methods One and Two below for lasting results!

One: Use the power of “right now”!

Show off your cam room by using bright colors (red), lots of movement, moving your webcam angle, smiling and, of course, broadcasting from an interesting location. 

Two: Use consistency and site tools to build your following.

Consistency and tools means scheduling your shows so viewers know when (and where) they can perv on you next and talking about your upcoming shows when you’re actually broadcasting. Make viewers feel welcome today and invite them back for next time! Having consistent broadcasting schedules work!

Having consistent broadcasting schedules work in another way as well. When viewers always see you online this develops trust, and they will come check out your show simply because you’re always online when they are.

2. Give them Something to Talk About

Get involved in site contests for some free promo and the chance to win sweet prizes! You can include your viewers in the contest as well by talking about it during your show, asking them their opinion on how you’ll do, future ideas on how to win contests and keeping them posted on how you did.

By doing this you’re tapping into their competitive nature, which will get them invested in your show and get them coming back to root for you.

 3. Content is King

A powerful tool you have when trying to attract a fanbase is your content, and now more than ever it’s important that your shareable content be SFW and non-nude. Take a look through all your images and videos and ask yourself these questions:

  • How long ago was this picture taken? (try to keep images current)
  • Are all my pictures actually of me? (sounds dumb, but happens all the time)
  • If I wasn’t a performer, would I be comfortable re-tweeting this picture to my followers? (even though XXX images are harder to share now, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have our followers followers in mind when we ask people to promote and share on social media)
  • When viewers come to my profile while I’m offline, do I have any promo videos/pictures inviting them back to see my shows? (A promo video speaks for you when you’re not there, so let this video be a way for potential viewers to get to know you and see your sexy personality. This video will be more effective if its not a cum show etc)
  • How many times have I used this picture on social media to promote my shows? (If your image libraries all have the same four to five images repeated in them, take new pictures)

Use these tips to get new viewers and keep bringing them back bb. I know you can do it! 

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